Pros And Cons Of Xeriscaping

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“How can xeriscaping be implemented on a global scale, in order to further the planets food sources?”

“The word Xeriscape comes from two words – “xeros”, a Greek word meaning dry, and the word “scape” which means scene. The term is said to be coined by a Denver Water employee, who thought of a style of gardening that used drought resistant plants, to create a waste-efficient landscape”. ( Xeriscaping is an ecological way to garden vegetables effectively, while using very little resources in order to reduce the usage of water, from everyday gardening.( The way that xeriscaping works is that first one must pick drought resistant plants such as tomatoes, eggplants, snap peas, and peppers, which can all withstand harsh conditions and still be fruitful. Growing herbs in this form of agriculture has also been proven to be effective. Xeriscaping has a lot of different aspects that make it such a unique way to grow food. The first thing that is key when planting the vegetables is to consider the most efficient layout that will maximize space, rather than making it look attractive.
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I can clearly picture this form of agriculture being specifically implemented in struggling countries, that have a hot, dry, climates. In these countries it would normally be hard to produce fruitful agriculture, but if if the world were to band together and share resources I believe that this idea could quickly turn into a reality. Countries that are far better off I think could really assist the third world countries by providing the necessary tools to get them started in this form of agriculture. The countries that need xeriscaping the most, are the ones struggling the most with water, Iraq, Kuwait, Tunisia, Singapore, and South Africa ( These of course would be the target group of countries to begin this ideal form of agriculture
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