Pros And Cons Of Year Round School

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Did you know that all year round schools are the same length as regular schools? As of now are school day length is roughly 180 days, the all year round schools are roughly 180 days long. The only reason why people think that you go to school longer in a year round school is because you only get a month off in the summer, the rest of the time is spread out between our Easter and Christmas holidays. Pros of year round schooling would include longer breaks on holidays, for example, instead of getting two weeks off during the Christmas holidays we might get three weeks off for Christmas holidays. Another pro of year round schooling would be would be, the school would not be empty for two months at a time, when the school is empty for two months at a time the owner starts to lose money because they are still paying for water and power bills even though nothing is being used. A con of all year round schooling would be you don’t graduate from school earlier than all of the other schools, just because you only get one month off in the summer doesn't mean that you still learn for an extra month. Year round schooling holidays are just separated more compared to just having two months off during summer and a week or two off during holidays. The final pro of having year round schooling would be not having the school closed for two month at a time. One of the worst things about year round schooling is summer holidays, the person who pays the bills for year round schooling is not getting
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