Pros And Cons On Buying Vs. Renting

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Introduction We all experience issues regarding an encumbrance on our property once in our lifetime. It might be when we want to purchase a house, rent it to live in for uncertain time period, sell our property, or rent out to some other party. In all such cases, many issues arise for which many factors can be held responsible, including market value; behavior of buyers, sellers, renters, tenants, landlords; policies of housing associations, environmental hazards, locality, and government legislations (Peppercorn & Taffin, 2013). Renting and buying is one of the biggest issues in real estate that not only the associations have failed to overcome but the government also seems helpless in this regard. Rhetorically, it involves finances, location, legality, etc. However, these social and legal factors then cause serious problems for the two parties involved in such agreements and contracts. The focus of my research paper is to show the pros and cons on buying vs. renting of real estate along with all issues that might generate from the buying or renting property. Facilitating these, would be the federal, state, and local laws that may be applicable in resolving our particular real estate issue. My findings of these will help me with my recommendation on how the real estate issue might be resolved. Buying vs. Renting Real Estate Property The US housing market is facing serious issues, including non-legitimacy, out of control pricing, financial losses, and much more. This has

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