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The New Jersey Gubernatorial election is impending and citizens will be able to select the candidate that they think will best serve their needs. New Jersey’s Constitution includes that these general elections shall be held annually on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November also, the time of holding such elections may be altered by law. Currently there are two candidates, Kim Guadagno who is on the Republican side and Phil Murphy who stands on the Democratic side. Both candidates have contradictory perspectives on topics that are spoken about during the debates. I believe Phil Murphy is the best candidate due to his promising ideas on controversial issues that are seen in New Jersey. Considering that there are more democrats…show more content…
This demonstrates Murphy’s initiative in fixing the economy through various beneficial solutions. Doing so he will be helping the people of New Jersey by lowering property taxes, which individuals can finally be relieved to hear. Murphy also wants to be more strict with spending on transit to ensure that the roads and bridges are functional rather than crowded with tolls. Personally, I think this is very efficient because these two factors make New Jersey very expensive to live in and by lowering taxes and being more strict with transit the economy can steadily progress to a stable point. Murphy wants to grow the economy due to the state being ranked last or near last in growth and inequalities. He states, “We need an economy that works for all New Jerseyans not just the special interests, I flat out reject the ‘us versus them’ approach to our economy, it is time we get back to thinking about ‘we’” (Phil Murphy). Murphy wants to achieve this by raising the wage to $15 an hour, ensure equal pay for equal work, and make millionaires and corporations pay their fair share of taxes. If this is successful then the economic standing that New Jersey holds will soon exponentially rise to the top. At the same time, Murphy wants to fix the economy so that more is invested in schools, family care and the elimination of poverty. Along with this Murphy also

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