Pros And Disadvantages Of Abortion

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Abortion is a popular topic that politicisation can’t seem to stop talking about. In the past few years, the rate of abortion has been on a steady decline, but it hasn’t been enough for those who believe in pro-life. In the debate on abortion, there is two side; pro-life and pro-choice. The people on the pro-life side don’t believe there are any circumstances in which an abortion is okay and think that abortions should be outlawed. Those on the pro-choice side believe that it’s the mother choice what she wants to do with her body. There is much reason why pro-life is a better side, and some of these reasons include lack of money, the age of the mother, and the health of the mother.

When becoming a mother there are many things to take into account and one those things is money. Having a child is expensive and if you aren’t financially stable things can be very difficult. The cost of delivering a child is about 30,000 dollar, but if you are having a c-section the price goes up to 50,000 dollars. In addition to this cost, you have to get a crib, diapers, clothes, a car seat, a stroller, and much more. Those are just the purchase you need to make to prepare to have a child but once you have them there is more cost to be taken into consideration. As they grow up they will have to go to the doctor, have someone watch them when the parent goes to work, and get schooling. If the child that has special needs or the parent wants to give them a private school education, more costs

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