Pros And Disadvantages Of Egypt's Economy And Competitive Advantage

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Question1: A valid strategy would lead to competitive advantage. A global competitive advantage for a nation is produced by country's ability to generate a service or a product linked to certain industry with an advantage that distinguishes the country from its rivals. Pressure usually encourages nations to have several competitive advantages. Egypt as an example for a competitive nation hasn't relayed on one industry to produce competitive advantage. Tourism, food industry, cotton field and pharmaceutical industry are ones of the main competitive advantages that Egypt competes globally with. Tourism is one of the very crucial regarding Egypt’s economy and competitive advantage. In 2010, 14.7 tourists have chosen Egypt to be their direction to tourism…show more content…
Cotton is also one of the very effective industries on Egypt's economy and competitive advantage. Egypt is exporting tons of the Egyptian cotton every year. It's one the finest and top quality cottons in the world; during the past period of time cotton has successfully proven its ability to become one of Egypt's greatest competitive advantages. Food industry is an everyday developing industry in Egypt. As an example Juhayna is an Egyptian firm, it's one of the largest firms that regarding to diary, juice and cooking products. Another example is Herbs Egypt, it’s a leading company in producing and exporting dried herbs. All these industries and more, together shape and frame the Egyptian competitive advantage. If one of those declined, another will maintain the competitive advantage. Thus, if is there were just one industry that the company relying on this would be too risky. As it happened after 2011 tourism industry faced a drop, if there weren't another advantage the nation will lose any competitive advantage among its rivals and this would have terrible impact on economy. It's also a waste of opportunities if the nation focused in one industry and ignored another that may show strong
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