Pros And Disadvantages Of Globalization

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Globalization stared after world war and development in the eighteenth century, which is a new phenomenon and become the trend of the times. Globalization is a basic characteristic of the present age as well. Globalization can bring about prosperity to every country in the world. However, the globalization’s drawbacks and advantages gradually exposed. This essay will describe the reasons for globalization and explain some effects on culture, economy and education. There are two aspects reason that give rise to globalization. First, with opening up new lane in past of centuries, the world of every country frequently communicate more than before. New vehicle and communicate way offer fundamental technological means for globalization. However,…show more content…
The economy globalization is beneficial to source and production in distribution of in the world. However, it must exist advantage and disadvantage. According to the world trade organization, the totality of import and export attain $10 trillion in 2005. The United Nations and development meeting’s data shows, abroad companies’ investment more than $1.3 trillion in 2006 (China Daily, 2016). In the past few years, a specific firm makes some products. In other words, product belongs to a company. The Boeing jet is nominally by American manufacturing. Actually, the number of country joins in product. People have full of reason support economic globalization, but still worry about the unbalance of development. In the process of globalization, the entire nation joins in economic affair. Bringing some uncertain factor to developing country. The developing country is not only affected itself economy but also influenced by international economy. The western counties grasp a large number of is exist a great gap between poor and rich country because the world of wealth is unequal distribution. Furthermore, economic globalization, which is controlled by western countries, gives rise to the safety of developing country suffers threat (China Daily,
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