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HT System Administrator 11.4.4

System Administrator
HT System Administrator is a special application to control computers and block unwanted activities. It's an excellent assistant for system administrators or anyone who needs to manage his computer usage.

Once installed, HT System Administrator can restrict access to games, instant messengers, browsers and other apps on your PC. As a powerful Internet filter HT System Administrator can block websites and inappropriate content.

It contains a range of features that can block or limit access to virtually everything on the computer. The tool helps increase productivity by locking out time-wasting distractions. The detailed reports showing computer usage
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This allows you to review which websites were visited, what apps were launched, how much time was spent on them, which websites/apps were blocked. In this way, you can check the work of the program and your users' work.


Security Protected

We understand that users are not always happy with bans on their favorite sites or apps and they can attempt to turn off blocking software and lift the ban. That is why we made System Administrator highly protected. It has various levels of protections including password protection and protection against unauthorized uninstallation. The program filters cannot be circumvented even by experienced users using proxy services or anonimizers.

Extremely Easy to Use

HT System Administrator can absolutely be used by everyone regardless of experience or computer knowledge. Each action can be performed with a couple of clicks. The interface is intuitive and does not require any instructions. Install the program and see for yourself.

HT System Administrator is the best way to restrict unwanted computer activity and control web browsing.

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