Pros And Disadvantages Of Immigration

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In Europe, as in most countries with a high rate of immigration, there are four different categories of immigrants : “The over-stayers” , the ones who have entered the country with a temporary visas (ex : Tourist) and could not extend it legally; workers, including trainee, who have permission to be in the country but are violating their conditions of stay by working illegally; asylum seekers whose demands for granted protection and oficially recognisation as refugee has been denied by the the authorities of the choosen country like tunisians in Germany that pretend to be from Syria to get the refugee statut ; and finally, persons who have not been granted permission to enter and have therefore, entered clandestinely by hiding from inspection border or using means of deception, like a fake passeport. It is estimated that "clandestine entries in Europe have risen by + 180% with more than 274,000 illegal in one year in 2014. Against only 100.000 in 2013" from The European Border and Coast Guard Agency. But what motivates them to leave their home? which advantages can they bring with them ? how can they contribute to the destination country? When they study migration, scientists use the words « push » and « pull ». A reason « pushes » them to leave or a reason « pull » them to go to a new place. Most often, money, religion, and war are this reasons. While it is obvious that people migrate for different reasons, it is plausible that people will search, in the
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