Pros And Effects Of Cybercrime

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Technology is part of our everyday lives even if we do not know it. It is in the vehicles we drive to the how companies ship out their packages. People live in a world full of technology that is ever expanding. If people take a step back and look at where it started, technology has come a long way in a little amount of time because of people’s wanting to see how far they can push technology. With technology, it has brought smartphones that allow us link with individuals. The technological devices, smartphones, and computers have made the accessing internet faster, thus, enhancing online business and other operations done online. Most of people in the United States use a smart phone of some sort to keep in touch with people, whether it might be social media or calling a person. Social media has unlocked a new way for people to connect, sell and learn new things. There were about 245,358 car crashes…show more content…
Another way of looking at cyber crime is any person violating the countries laws to commit a crime over the internet. Cybercrime can be against a person, group, or company. Think of crime taken from the streets to happening on the internet. On the internet, you can get anything from forged papers to hiring someone to kill another person. The most known criminal activity that happens using the cyber world is people stealing money or identification of others. Since the production of the computer, people have been trying to find ways to commit criminal activity from a computer. People would have to physically go to a specific computer or physically connect their computer to the victim’s server to get the information they wanted or to put a virus there. Once the internet was offered to the public, this made it easier for people to commit these crimes by allowing them to connect from wherever they choose to their victim or intended
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