Pros And Methods Of Sleep Deprivation

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Introduction: Sleep is as essential to the human body as food and water are, but sometimes sleep quality and quantity is inadequate, which is known as sleep deprivation. Sleep deprived people are sleepy and fatigued, making them prone to causing accidents, impairing their judgement, and they are more likely to make mistakes and bad decisions. Not sleeping for 24 hours reduces hand-to-eye coordination, which can be compared to having a blood alcohol content of 0.1 and contributes to road accidents and work injuries. A child’s school performance is negatively affected by the lack of sleep and may cause emotional problems such as depression. Sleep deprived adults suffer from lack concentration, irritability, sleep inertia and a grogginess that lasts all day long as they are constantly yawning and dozing off. 1 All these problems come from not obtaining an adequate amount of sleep hours. There are methods and medications that can help prevent sleep deprivation as well as methods and techniques that utilize sleep deprivation as a tool. Causes Controllable Most people don’t know that their bodies need an adequate number of hours sleeping, so their lifestyles eventually lead to sleeping problems. Instead of going to bed early, some people decide to socialize, watch television, or read a book until late at night. Working late shifts disrupts sleep-wake cycles on a regular basis and extra hours with long nights of work often contribute to lack of sleep. Frequent travelers also have
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