Pro's Argument Of Power In The United States

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My opponent is attempting to affirm that “that The United States of America should adopt the right to be forgotten.” I would like to note that I accept the definitions provided by pro.

Pro’s Case:

Pro offers two basic arguments

1. ”Internet companies have an intimidating amount of unauthorized data and influence over the citizenry.”

Pro argues this is significant in a bad way as it gives companies a large amount of power. I’m not seeing it, perhaps pro could explain why a corporation having my information gives those companies power that results in a net negative. Furthermore, pro concedes that currently companies get this information when people post personal data on networking sites. Thus, people are already equipped with a way to reasonably prevent businesses from getting their data. Of course that is by not posting their information online. No one is forced to put such information on the internet. This solution turns out to be more effective than what pro is suggesting. Ultimately it is up to people as individuals to protect their own information. We do not need a nanny state to do something for us reasonably easy to do.

2. “the social impact of having people base their impressions of others solely off what they see online on social
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Safe guard your own information and be careful what you post online. Ironically, pro’s example of Paul Nemitz demonstrates why we don’t want the government in a position to protect our personal information. “the political dangers of a world in which information about everyone is available on the Web, and hence available to the government, which can use it to monitor and control the public.” Thus we see that pro’s argument is self-defeating. She is simultaneously suggesting that we trust the government to protect its citizens by protecting their data and then uses the Government as the example of who privacy needs to be protected
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