Pros, Cons, And Solutions Of The School Uniforms

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Pros, Cons, and Solutions of The school Uniforms Individuality or uniformity, which one will you choose? The school uniforms are specific clothing students are forced to wear in an attempt to fix school related problems. They are quite controversial because they do fix some problems, but they also restrict students ' freedom of expression. School uniforms were first enforced in the 1980’s as an attempt to fix academic and behavioral problems. There are both positives and negatives of school uniforms, as well as important background information and solutions. In this paper, we will discuss these positives and negatives, as well as key facts about and compromises that can be made about uniforms. When creating and adopting a school uniform policy, it is important to know their history, and facts such as the statistics, costs, and locations of uniforms, the history of uniforms, and the changes seen in schools with uniforms. Some of this background information includes stats. 1 in 4 elementary schools enforce uniforms, however high and middle schools have only half that. Another important fact is the history of uniforms. In 1996 Bill Clinton said we should require uniforms. Uniforms were first adopted in the U.S. in the 1980’s. My final important fact is the changes seen in schools with uniforms. Fights have decreased by 51%, and sexual offenses went down by 74%. They are also proven to reduce fashion related violence. However, more scientific research is needed before we should
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