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This isn’t your traditional list of tips article that you find here on ClapwayTV. This is an adventure story meant to inspire your own adventure while on vacation. If you want a tip on how to adventure with the locals and avoid the touristy things, I recommend you do some research. Avoid the big travel magazines, they will only send you to the places everybody else is going. Instead, read smaller magazines such as Like A Local Mag. You should also use twitter and other social media devices to find people who are exploring areas you want to visit, and then ask them for advice. Scott Eddy has some helpful tips on how to do this. Jerome Shaw (@JeromeShaw) would be an excellent person to contact. ClapwayTV will be having an interview with him soon,…show more content…
(Quick travel tip for China: public bathrooms don’t have toilet paper in them so carry our own roll of TP.) We ate snake, walked the peaks of Yellow Mountain, drove by rice fields in a van, ate shark fin soup, had a drinking contest (I later vomited), and a lot more. My brother even got to go to KTV, which is a Karaoke bar plus some other stuff, but I was still too young to go along (because of the other stuff they have there).

The most special thing about traveling with this family was their two little girls, Ashley and Connie. They could only speak English through nursery rhymes, but somehow we found a way to communicate (through a gum wrapper no less; we traded off folding it into different shapes, the only thing communicated through this was laughter, but sometimes that’s all that’s needed to be communicated).

They improved my experience of China immensely, not because I was able to do things that aren’t written up in travel guides, but because I was a guest in the land and not a visitor. That trip taught me the difference between those two things. I hope this story has inspired you to approach your vacation differently. You should still do the touristy things, but whenever possible, do them with a
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