Pros Of Commercial Magazine Photography

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I’m going to give you guys the top 10 tips for diving into commercial magazine photography. Every amateur photographer who’s ever flipped through a magazine has shared the same fleeting thought: I could do this. I am this good. The difference between a working professional and a dedicated amateur is fairly minimal these days, and it has a lot more to do with business decision-making than talent or equipment. The full-time professional starves his way to the top. Typically a full-time pro goes to photography school, where he learns darkroom techniques, film chemistry, light physics, and the hard, cold reality of living paycheck to paycheck for decades. Breaking into commercial magazine photography is becoming easier every day. Many amateurs…show more content…
The best and easiest way to satisfy a photo editor and get your first publication is to be able to immediately provide him with a host of on-topic choices. The main reason is magazine contraction as profits are drained inevitably into the swamp of the Internet, magazines have had to scramble to cut corners and restrict costs. The primary way they do this is by paying less for the same product, just as in any business. So with that here is the tip to somebody who is diving into the commercial magazine photography world. First become an expert at something. Doesn’t necessarily have to be photography this time find a hobby such as fishing and start taking lots of pictures involving that. Learn to express yourself such as through your writing. There are only two roads to getting that editor’s attention the very first time: you either impress him with the practicality of hiring you to perform a given task, or you blow him away with your sheer talent. Be willing to sacrifice artistic integrity to get the image that will work now. Don’t waste the editor’s time with images that don’t meet the call guidelines. Don’t try to impress him with how good you are at something other than what he needs. Know what the editor will want before he does. Get noticed. Be
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