Pros and Cons for Each of The Four Parenting Styles

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To be a parent is hard work. Although every parent has a different mindset towards raising a child, the types of parenting styles can be distinguished amongst a few different kinds. In this research paper, one will learn the pros and cons for each of the four parenting styles described by Baumrind and the effect each one has on a child. Baumrind based her studies towards the development of adolescents and how the specific parenting style has influenced the child. With her findings, she found that there are four different styles that most kids were classified under, with authoritative being one of the highest. The way a parent raises his or her child will affect that child for the rest of their life. Whether a child has been brought up…show more content…
This means a parent exhibits the same behavior that they expect their child to follow. These parents tend to set high standards for their children but are also nurturing and responsive. They also show plenty of respect towards their child who as a result of this style develop into an independent, rational human being. Children who are nurtured under this type of style are more likely to not only become independent and self-confident but also socially accepted, academically successful, and well-behaved individuals. But of course not every style is perfect. This style may also cause some less than desirable results. The first thing to realize is that being an authoritative parent is not an acceptable style for every child. Some kids will not react well because the authoritative style may not be strict enough for their personality and on other kids it will seem as though it is too tough and will cause those kids to struggle with making decisions. These types of children tend to do better when there are strict rules given. Although the authoritative parenting style is the most common style parenting, it does not fit the need of every parent and every child. Authoritarian is the second most common type of parenting style of the four parenting styles. This type of style occurs when parents set very high expectations for their children and set strict rules that they expect him or her
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