Pros and Cons of Assessments

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Pros and Cons of Assessment Assessments are an everyday occurrence in classrooms around the world. There are many different types of assessments, which generally fall into formal and informal. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. The major importance is selecting the right assessment. It is up to the teacher to decide what information is needed and how that information is collected. Formal Assessments Formal assessments are a way of observing and recording information in a highly structured manner. It typically requires a large amount of preparation and training. There are many different forms of formal assessments to choose from. Two examples are standards based test and national norm-referenced test. Standards…show more content…
“Informal formative assessment can take place in any student-teacher interaction” (Ruiz-Primo & Furtak, 2004). Typically informal assessments do not involve a lot of prior preparations. Some informal assessments that I personally use on a consistent basis are checklists, observation, portfolios and clickers: Checklists The one that I use most frequently are checklists. I use checklists for every subject at every point in the school day. In a special education class with numerous staff members, it can be difficult to ensure that data is being collected thoroughly. In our classroom, we use checklists to track behaviors, to ensure that students are meeting their IEP goals, knowledge of their sight words, that they are completing their work, and last but not least are the students grasping the concept that is being taught. The quickness and easiness to use the checklists are a major advantage. Another advantage is that teachers are able to have results quickly. With these quick results, teachers can address the issues being observed instantly. A disadvantage is that different people may interpret the checklists in different ways. This can lead to confusion on what needs to truly be addressed. Another disadvantage is that with certain areas to watch for, other areas might be overlooked. Observations Observations are one of the easiest forms
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