Pros and Cons of Cell Phones in Schools

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The Center for Disease Control’s 2008 Wireless Substitution report shows that one of every seven Americans place and receive most, if not all, of their calls on a wireless phone. The increase in cell phone usage has expanded into our children’s schools. Many children in today’s society carry a cell phone on their person to school. This increase of usage and change of demographic has created a debate in many schools. Read more: Pros & Cons of Cell Phones in Schools | School Emergencies The increase of school shootings and threats has encouraged parents to allow their children to carry cell phones to school. Cell phones have successfully been…show more content…
Many students have used their cell phones to share answers to tests and quizzes, and to report inaccurate and offensive information about other students and their school. Cell phones can be distractions in the school environment, evading classroom time and reducing student’s academic success. Cell Phone Abuse Many children have found themselves to be victims of cell phone abuse. Students often use cell phones to spread rumors and misinformation. This misinformation can be difficult for the victim to digest and can be quite stressful for a young child to comprehend. This act of misinformation has resulted in the death of several children after their private information and unsubstantiated information had been spread with the use of cell phones. State and local officials have begun to develop laws that establish strong consequences for the spread of personal information. These consequences include fines, jail time and possible sex offender status. Immediate Response Children who are responsible for making their own way home after the school day or have medical issues greatly benefit from the use of cell phones. Children who walk home from school are immediately able to contact their parents and inform them of their current location. Children with medical issues can use their phone to request medical
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