Pros and Cons of Corporate Health Care

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The problem is simply that when it comes down to it, these profit-based decisions have too much of an impact on the medical field as a whole. While some corporate involvement is fine, and even beneficial, considering the ability of a corporation to work internationally and pool resources in labs with increasing amounts of research experience, the entire range of research only coming out of these labs where profit is the main goal leaves the field sorely lacking in areas that society simply can’t ignore. Though revenue potential might be what makes this current climate hostile to corporations researching neglected medicines, the neglect of those medicines makes this current climate hostile towards the entire populace. The real solution lies in more publicly funded research, which would leave us with the ability to not only stop leaning so heavily on companies that can pull the rug out from under us at a moment’s notice, but also the ability to research simply for the greater good and the advancement of a field necessary to the wellbeing of people in any and all walks of life. Publicly funded research on drugs which are beneficial to areas of medicine that have stagnated for too long not only relieves the pressure on corporations but also gives us the information we really need to continue to…
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