Pros and Cons of Differentiated Instruction

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For example, the low-end learner may need to have the content modified so that it is simplified to meet students' needs at that level. Low-end learners may not be able to attain grade-level appropriate curriculum objectives; however, all learners need the opportunity to be successful at their individual instructional levels. Average learners are typically able to attain grade-level appropriate curriculum objectives, but may need adaptations in content such as more time to complete tasks and hands on experiences to reach their full potential. High-end learners may be above the grade-level curriculum objectives and need to be provided with enrichment activities. These few students may need advanced modifications such as independent study projects. Differentiation is all about options and not about being punitive by just piling on additional work for the more able (Tomlinson,1996). Based upon research that supports differentiated instruction and students varying educational differences and needs, how can educators afford not to promote the positives of differentiated instruction? Cons of Differentiated Instruction While research shows that differentiated instruction is, when correctly implemented, extremely effective, there are negative aspects that can halt or stunt its effectiveness. One of the biggest problems surrounding differentiated instruction stems from teacher preservice programs. According to Holloway's September 2000 article in Educational
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