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Entertainment has become a concept that has undergone the trials of time and evolution to become a very influential part of everyone’s lives. In regions such as the South Pacific, the various forms of entertainment such as music, movies and art have a major impact on the daily lives of every individual and due to its extensive reach, everyone is seen to be well-versed with what entertainment has to provide. This essay shall exhort discussions based on the pros and cons of entertainment in terms of its contribution to its recipients, various represented ideas and its influential impacts on the society.
First and foremost, entertainment in its many forms has proven to provide its recipients with various recompenses. One of those
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Not only that, but shows such as the Oprah Winfrey Show helps viewers by providing them with advice on certain issues regarding life. There are many other branches of such educational concepts in the entertainment tree that not only augments the knowledge of an individual, but it also creates awareness about the ambience they reside in. As in accord to Eric (Ponds, 2001) “People are also taught to appreciate arts and culture that is portrayed through various events such as drama, art conventions and religious events”. It also enables metamorphosis of a person in terms of the way he or she interacts with the society and with different cultural structures.
Additionally, entertainment has economical perks such as the wide area of job availability for the locals. In the Pacific Islands, it could be ranging from anything to a festival performer to an announcer on the radio or even an actor on TV serials. There is also the need for sports entertainment such as soccer and rugby thus players are hired to play the sport which in turn becomes a scenarios of a mutual benefit. The players get what they need, and the audience is fed with their dose of entertainment. A research by the American Financial Institute in 2005 revealed the tremendous contribution of entertainment events to the economy of the country as carnivals and circuses proved to have contributed more

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