Pros and Cons of Immigration

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I. Introduction Nowadays, Immigration, which is a phenomenon of migration, is very normal and popular in the world. Furthermore, in the world, many countries have the large number of people who immigrate because of many reasons likes finding suitable jobs or new place to live. Many people think that immigrants will give them many problems about the economy and society. However, other people think that immigrants bring many profits for their countries. In my opinion, I think that all things have both good and bad sides and immigration is no exception. In the other hand, I think that immigrations will give the host countries more economic benefits than limitations. II. Mean of immigrants First of all, I want to explain what the…show more content…
This helps them do not have racism and famous as friendly, happy country and have a high living standard. Moreover, because of Vietnamese immigrants, Pho which is a Vietnamese traditional food very popular in the world and “Pho” have been put into the Oxford dictionary. Last but not least, immigrations provide for the host country a large amount of employee. That helps many countries especially countries which have aging population such as Japan, Poland or Canada in heavy industry, the labor-intensive sectors and the damage jobs. For examples, in 2010, percentage of people immigrate about 86 percent in Qatar. Moreover, most of them were working in the oil and gas industry. Because Qatar, which is the small country have low population but have the large of oil sources, immigration supply for them the large amount of oil and gas employees and help Qatar develop their oil and gas industry. IV. Cons of immigration On the contrary, the immigrations still have bad side which from undocumented immigration. Besides the people are allowed immigrate by this country’s government, some people immigrate illegally by fledging across the border or by the sea. Most of them are people who have low educational attainment and this will make many problems for the host country. Firstly, this is increasing social evils. Because they do not have enough skills to find a job, most of them start to fall into drug addiction and other social ills. This will make
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