Pros and Cons of Incest

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I. THE PROS and CONS PROS: New biological studies suggest that couples consisting of third cousins have the highest reproductive success. Scientists came to their conclusions after studying the records of more than 160,000 Icelandic couples with members born between 1800 and 1965. The results of the study are constant throughout the generations analyzed. Women born between 1800 and 1824 who mated with a third cousin had significantly more children and grandchildren (4.04 and 9.17, respectively) than women who hooked up with someone no closer than an eighth cousin (3.34 and 7.31). Those proportions held up among women born more than a century later when couples were, on average, having fewer children. Furthermore, these new studies…show more content…
Morality is often in the eye of the beholder, particularly when it comes to love and sex. Incestuous couples should be left alone to follow their own moral code. 5. Incest cannot be successfully banned It is impossible to effectively ban incest. Couples have been engaging in the practice for centuries. This is partly because family members have always been capable of falling deeply in love. The love felt between many incestuous couples could not possibly be broken by any law banning it. And enforcing such a ban is simply not possible, as it is fairly easy to hide an incestuous relationship. Such a failure to enforce the law undermines the law itself. 6. Incestuous couples love one another the same as other couples. You can’t help with whom you fall in love. As a matter of fact, many adult siblings and fathers and daughters strongly profess their love for one another. Why should this kind of love be taboo? Why should these people not be able to deepen their relationship? Patrick Stubing, who is engaged in an incestuous relationship with his sister in Germany (where incest is illegal), said: "We've done nothing wrong. We are like normal lovers. We want to have a family." 7. Consensual adult incest should not be confused with abusive incest. It is easy to confuse adult incest with abusive forms of incest; such as intergenerational incest between a father and his 14 year-old daughter. Incest between
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