Pros and Cons of Personality Testing

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According to ADDIN EN.CITE Salkind2012272Salkind (2012)2722726Salkind, N.J.Tests & Measurement for People Who (Think They) Hate Tests & Measurement2012Thousand OaksSAGE Publications9781412913638 HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_4" o "Salkind, 2012 #272" Salkind (2012) the test will measure a person's values, attitudes, style, interpretations, and individual characteristics. Managers in various companies have to look for ways of accessing their current and prospective employees accurately. This is because there is much focus on individual performance. A test that is more accurately able to measure the traits of an individual will allow hiring managers to predict and understand the individual much better. These tests also allow the hiring manager to know which position would best suit an individual. Also depending on the results of the test the hiring manager can turn down prospective employees who do not fit the positions available. Everyone has their own personality type and personality traits. Personality traits are enduring qualities found in an individual like being outgoing or shy. A configuration of these characteristics and traits is referred to as a personality type.
Personality tests are either objective or projective. Objective…
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