Pro's and Cons of Prison Essay

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For the past 20 years the private corrections industry has continued to grow. With more than 2 million Americans incarcerated in prisons in the Unites States, local governments and states cannot possibly hope to keep up with the high rates of incarceration. They must choose between overcrowding, releasing inmates, or contracting for outsourcing of inmate housing. More agencies are choosing to outsource their inmates. There are many reasons why agencies choose to outsource and I will discuss a few of them, including the many different options that companies have available to them, their quality of care, cost of housing, treatment programs, and some of the advantages as well as disadvantages of the for profit-business of corrections. The…show more content…
Some of Cornell’s juvenile residential services include anger management, lifeskills training, employment training and assistance accredited ropes course challenges and wilderness training programs. Some of the Community based programs include individual or group counseling, surveillance and curfew checks, comprehensive in-home family based services ( Corrections Corporation of America or CCA the largest private corrections provider is the nation’s sixth largest corrections system in America, behind only the federal government and four state run systems. CCA is currently managing 63 facilities capable of housing 69,000 inmates in 19 states and the District of Columbia. The company currently houses over 62,000 inmates and employs over 15,000 corrections professionals ( Private corrections provide excellent quality and care for residents To begin with private companies need to maintain a large client base to stay in business. Unlike many large companies that write off ex-customers as losses, in corrections we only have a small client base to draw. Once a state, county or federal agency has had a bad experience with a private contractor one can be assured that they will discontinue any business with that company and find alternative sources of housing, this can be very bad for business.
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