Pros and Cons of Spanking

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The theory of discipline has been debated for decades. Arguments over how it should be carried out and how harsh it should be has been discussed. One aspect of discipline has been shoved into the dark, the effect on the child. No matter how much it is spoken of children remember what happened to them in their childhood. Whether they were pleasant or not can lead to problems later in life. One debate that shall soon be settled deals with the spanking of children. Some will agree that there is nothing wrong with spanking a child, but some argue that it is wrong. There have been countless arguments over it leading to extreme aggression or emotional troubles. From a psychological stand point there are a few ways to look at it. In modern…show more content…
In most cases the child will generalized and believe all hitting is good. They think that when someone does something they do not want to happed, hitting is the solution. The adult spanks the child and then the child will begin to spank or hit others. In the theory of observational learning spanking will lead to aggression, so it is not a great method of changing behavior. All three of these theories do not entirely agree with the idea of spanking to change behavior. Classical conditioning says that if the child is spanked when the get older it will have a negative outcome of how they react to adults or some corresponding stimuli. There was a similar correlation between the ideas of classical conditioning and observational learning. They both said that if spanking occurs the child will have behavior issues in the future. The observation of hitting or spanking will lead to the use of hitting or spanking to solve problems. On the other hand operant conditioning or learning from consequences suggested that maybe it is a viable for of discipline. The only limit to that is over doing it. If the parent is overly aggressive or displays the spanking or punishment too often the child will be harm physically or emotionally. The position of operant learning is that it could go either way depending on the parent. With all of these opinions in mind, the consensus that has been reach is that spanking your child is a bad
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