Pros and Cons of Teaching Creationism in School

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Even though I am writing about both sides of the issue, I feel, for most part, that religion should be kept out of schools. I will present both sides of my topic and make a stand on why I feel that religion does not belong in public schools. Some of the pros of Creationism are that students have to think beyond the box. Creationism is the idea that the universe was devised as it is by a supernatural agent (Dean). Christianity comes from the belief that we were all created by a God. I would like to share some information on what creationism means and how it is interpreted by people. Most people, when they think about the meaning of Creationism, think of the theory that we were all created by God, in his image. The followers who believe in Creationism believe that god created this world and man to roam it. Many people believe that this is the only possible explanation for our creation. The idea of religion is the belief to worship a superhuman controlling power. Religion styles can vary from those who worship one God to those that worship many Gods.
America is home to the world’s biggest creationism following. There is a $27 million Creation Museum near Cincinnati that has averaged 330,000 visitors since it opened in 2007 (Lovan). There are strong opinions that many christians share that we need to put prayer…
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