Pros and Cons of Team Building

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Opening: This presentation is to demonstrate the effectiveness of Team Dynamics and Conflict Resolutions. This presentation will show the following:  What makes a team effective  Pros and Cons of teaming  How different personalities can come together for a common goal  How the team builds mutual trust  How a team accomplishes their goals.  Finally, how different ideas can become a group idea. What makes a Team Effective? Team Organization Team organization is the first key to an effective team A successful team is achieved when the team is organized. An organized team will have team meeting agendas, assigned roles and be considerate of team members other responsibilities. A team meeting needs structure and…show more content…
Even though, not all of one’s ideas are focused on, everyone walks away with having part of their thoughts used. Jealousy is another problem why conflicts happen when too many people want to lead the team. People don’t want to credit others who have better ideas that may work better than their own. They get jealous when they see the focus is taken off of them. Jealousy can be resolved by collaborating everyone’s ideas in the project and knowing every team member brings something into the team. Competition is another conflict issue when more than one person wants to run things. Some people like the idea of trying to out do one another with their experiences. Ways to solve this is by learning everyone’s ideas then picking out the best ones and choosing the best person with the best experience to avoid competition. Disagreeing, jealousy, and competition are some conflicts that can occur when putting a team together. Understanding, listening and becoming open-minded will help resolve most these problems. Not everyone can lead, but every member contributes. How different personalities can come together for a common goal A team will experience various personalities that will in fact develop the team A personality is something that a person develops over his or her lifetime. A personality makes a person who and what they become in life. Having multiple personalities on a team is a good thing but sometimes

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