Pros and Cons of Technology in Classrooms

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For years, new technologies have been arising and improving drastically. To some generations technology is nothing but foreign to them. Children these days are so familiar with how to use technology; they almost start to learn after they start walking. So many people are abusing technology by overusing it and even some, becoming addicted. If technology is going to be used, it should have a positive purpose behind it. Throughout the past five years technology has become a main focus in the classroom and schools. Teachers are beginning to use computers, iPads etc. to help teach every grade and age. It has become so over welling that it could be believed that with all this technology, there is no point to have a teacher. Teachers and schools …show more content…
Computers are beginning to take on the role of teachers. This way of teaching is often known as a “flipped classroom”. It has become a very common thing for a teacher to be using a computer or powerpoint during class. Along with technology progressing so are schools. Many schools are engaging students of all ages into technologies as a different approach to learning. Almost all students in today generations are very used to this. (Pilgrim 1-6) Technology in schools has very many positive aspects that are beneficial. Along with the students, teachers are also learning how to use different technologies. Teachers are using technology to their advantage. Computers, iPods, cell phones and iPads have become so familiar to children in this generation. They find it more interesting to pay attention to something on a smart board or computer than an old school chalk board. In 2013, a San Francisco based company created a software called ClassDojo. “Class Dojo is a free classroom behavior management tool that allows teachers to provide on-time feedback to students regarding individual and group behavior. The program, which can be operated from a computer or mobile device, makes it simple to keep a class motivated and focused by providing students with instant feedback (positive or negative) in class by awarding or subtracting points for specific behaviors” (Vivian 4). Tools like ClassDojo makes younger students
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