Pros and Cons of Using Electronic Gadgets in Studying

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Some scholars actually have stated that our brains are evolving and changing due to exposure–repeated exposure–to various activities on the computer. These changes have impacts on the traditional teaching-learning situations in classrooms and schools–particularly if one want to keep or focus the attention of students. In short, these so-called traditional teaching-learning style and practices might not be effective for the roaring digital minds. Does the use of digital technology really improve specific language, cognitive, or literacy skills? Well, this is really a broad, complicated question. Actually, each area is broad and complex. In addition, the definition of improvement also becomes complicated and, perhaps, narrow, if we only…show more content…
In addition, there might be a steady stream of incoming messages or tweets to which there is an obsession to respond–not to mention the hope of receiving this litany of incoming messages. Some are not totally convinced that we should blame the new technology for the deterioration of spelling or writing skills. Nevertheless, there seems to be some evidence that the technological cut-and-paste, Wikipedia generation is engaging in a massive decoding or putting together of titbits of uncritical information in a short period of time. At first glance, there is even less inclination to proceed beyond their “Googled universes” or less appreciation for doing so. Instead of “Everything I learned or need to know, I learned in kindergarten,” we now have “Everything I need to learn or to know can be Googled.” This proclivity toward the notion of immediate and expedient access might portend a generation whose members have neither the time nor the motivation to become critical thinkers, readers, and writers, or consumers of information. Bauerlein actually laments that this could become the “dumbest” generation. Many digital natives and quite a few digital immigrants are devoting enormous amounts of time and energy to social networking sites and discovering shortcuts with respects to obtaining knowledge and understanding, and other scholars have implied that this type

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