Pros and Cons of the Free Trade Agreements

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While I was on the internet I was researching for the pros and cons of The Free Trade Agreements, and this is what I found: It seems to be a split between the democrats and the republicans.
Some believe that the Free trade will increase sales and profit for the US business. I still think this is up in the air. I don’t feel the economy is up, but is it better?
They also said that the Free trade will create us jobs for the middle class over a long term, but I also know that there are still a lot of Americans out of work. I still need to do more research this matter to see if the middle class is getting jobs for the long term.
“Free trade is an opportunity for the U.S. to provide financial help to some of the world's poorest countries”. How is this actually working for the better on poorest countries who are still trying to come to US for jobs? When the American people still can’t get them?
“Free Trade Increases U.S. Sales and Profits Removal of costly and delaying trade barriers, such as tariffs, quotas and conditions, inherently leads to easier and swifter trade of consumer goods. The result is an increased volume of U.S. sales. Also, use of less expensive materials and labor acquired through free trade leads to a lower cost to manufacture goods. The result is either increased profit margins (when sales prices are not lowered), or increased sales caused by lower selling prices”. (White, 2011)
In February, the Democratic Leadership Council, a centrist, pro-business

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