Pros and Cons of the Influx of Technology in Education

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The general thought seems to be that the internet makes life easier. In some respects, having a wealth of information at one's fingertips has certain positive effects. Yet there is a darker undercurrent to the instant access and instant gratification the internet brings. Many of these points are explored in the articles related to technology that are found in 12th edition of The Conscious Reader. In several instances, it has become clear that the instant responses associated with internet technology have produced detrimental effects resulting in negative behavior such as cheating on the part of college students, deception on behalf of the corporate world, and privacy concerns for social network users.
One of the most fascinating aspects of these negatives associated with internet technology is that all of them are combined with some of the uses that the internet provides, especially in the case of plagiarism on the part of college students. This phenomenon, which has always existed but has become all the more accessible via the creation of the internet, is fully explored in Julie Ryan's article "Student Plagiarism in an Online World". On the one hand, the internet is highly useful for college students because it provides them instant access to many different sources that they can use as resources. However, this ease of access has frequently resulted in students simply…
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