Pros and Cons of the Iq Test Essay

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LP 7 IQ tests are often inaccurate. They do not test perception. They also don't account for abstract thinkers. IQ tests are very limited. They do not test how people see things, while a very brilliant person may not be able to construct a building out of legos. They might be able to postulate the theories of the universe but are so inarticulate they can't carry on a conversation for more than a few seconds. Their mind maybe a fantastic place of formulas and ingenious plans but they're trapped there, unable to be conveyed to others or vise versa. Con’s- IQ test I believe can be used to stereotype individuals which may limit them. The test also is very limited in predicting non-test or non-academic activities. The long term predictions…show more content…
The test is not culture free and fair and it creates discrimination. The results are more dependent upon your experiences rather than what you have learned or know. It will also serve as a tracking record for ongoing education. The intelligence test only measures a sample of the person’s behavior and situations in which intelligent behavior is revealed. The test doesn’t provide a accurate reading on how a person functions in everyday living and situations, it doesn’t capture ones social knowledge and creativity. It does not capture real life situations. The tests will not test for perception and it does not account for the individuals that may be abstract thinkers. I am very intelligent, but my IQ is around 90 which is average. The test doesn’t also take into consideration if the person happens to be dyslexic. I believe that there are several contributing factors to the IQ test that can effect or contribute to results such as: The conditions in the testing room, if there are any distractions. If the child had a good night sleep or a balanced meal before the test. His or her testing ability, are they not a good tested or do they freeze up while taking tests. If a person is coached before the test is may affect their results and if you are familiar with the test does that mean it isn’t a true score? Maturity will also play a role (now sometimes referred to as emotional intelligence) is
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