Essay about Pros and Cons of the Mandatory Seatbelt Law

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An enormous division currently exists between the people who believe that automobile safety should be an option and those that feel it must be a requirement. The federal government feels the morally obligated to create the safest driving environment possible. On the other end of the spectrum, opinions exist that the average driver has ability to make the choice of safety on their own. Editorials, political assemblies, debates, and conversations have arrived on the concept of click it or ticket. This idea refers to ticketing any motor vehicle driver and passenger that is not fastened by a seat belt. Arguments have been made for both sides, and have been reviewed in multiple states. One particular article has been written, by Dr. Walter…show more content…
He uses the term ?totalitarianism? to explain that history uses justifications to commit such acts of right infringement. Dr. Williams claims that this exemplifies the government owning our rights and choices, and using laws to make choices for us where as our rights should apply. From a rightful stand point, his argument of this could be considered applicable. However, the government?s stated agenda is to constantly protect the citizens of the state via laws, rules, and social standards. One can argue that rights are being infringed on, but the government has factually shown that deaths have decreased in auto accidents, and therefore they succeed in protecting the state. For example, the increase in seat-belt usage has caused a 14 percent reduction in serious and fatal accidents in the state of North Carolina (Success Stories 1999). Apparently, the placement of seat-belt restrictions has allowed the safety of citizens to continue. Beyond the safety benefit, this has allowed the lowering of insurance premiums and savings of health-care related costs (Success Stories 1999). Dr. Walter E. Williams provided an idea that the government is denying rights, however, he refuses to discuss the idea of saving lives and health costs. A compromise should exist between rights and responsibility, but the current policy shows a more advantage situation. Another point discussed by Dr. Williams is the listing of statistics of government spending. He states that $500

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