Pros and Cons of the Sameness from "The Giver"

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Our unusualness is one of the elements of what makes us unique. We get along with people through the similarities; keep a distance through the differences. Not all of us can feel safe around those who are different from us. Maybe it is human nature or just prejudice but not knowing how to handle differences have caused problems in societies. In the book “The Giver”, the author Lois Lowry is showing us a community, where no one is different from the others, described “The life where nothing was ever unexpected. Or inconvenient. Or unusual. The life without color, pain or past.”. The people of this community live by the rules of elders and the people who lived before them. They don’t have the freedom of choice but in return they also don’t…show more content…
It is ironic that when Jonas wanted to give them the memories, they couldn’t receive it because they were already closed themselves to any improvement. After living a sedated life they lost the ability to feel and became another brick in the wall. Maybe Jonas was going to be a brick as well if he wasn’t chosen to be the receiver. I love this book because it is the opposite of the world that we all live in. we can not get over our differences to look beyond in this life, in the book the people can not get over their sameness to look beyond. When it comes to world problems we always imagine a community like in the book where people live under control with no abnormalities, where people have no special purpose on earth. But we read that way is not a solution either. I would recommend this book to my friends in order to discuss a healthy idea of balance. The perfect community is not where all people are the same, it is where we learn how to listen to our instincts and cherish all the

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