Pros and Cons on Assisted Suicide - Essay

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Keri Starkel
Pros and cons on assisted suicide
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What happens to a person when they get so depressed that they are on the verge of suicide? Well the only answer would be to commit it but what if that person can't find the guts to go through it alone. Well then they ask for assistance. This is called assisted suicide. Assisted suicide or in other words euthanasia is the killing by an act of an independent human being for their own benefit. There are many kinds of definitions that one must argue the fact of, what is euthanasia. Well you would have to keep reading farther on. Euthanasia can either be voluntary or non voluntary, when it then becomes murder. But what it is not is that it's not euthanasia unless the death is
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So as you can see the economic gravity is quite obvious. Most people haven’t realized the connection between the suicides

attempts and the assisted suicide attempts. Doctors prefer to see it as a matter of choice, than a modern- religion effect. But in this case few doctors are actually against the killing of their own patients. Assisted suicide in all is a major deal not only in the US but in other parts of the country, and should not be legalized.
But then you have these people who want assisted suicide to be legalized. This is when the pros come into play. There are two views on human life. Doctors in question think, in my opinion, should be able to kill a patient, if patient is willing. Physicians in question do not inflict the death that the patient overcomes. If the government would legalize euthanasia, then people wouldn’t have to pay thousands of dollars on the simple drugs. The only thing that people have to think about is what an Oregon man said; Palliative care has been the main beneficiary of the Oregon death with the Dignity Act. In which the Dignity Act legalized assisted suicide by the physician. Ask yourself why not? If a person is on the verge of killing themselves, it’s like killing them at the same time.
When Derek
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