Essay on Pros and Cons to Biofuels

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Over the past years, planet Earth has been warming up. According to NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, average temperatures have risen around1.4 degrees Fahrenheit/0.8 degrees Celsius since 1880. In fact, the rate of warming is increasing. It was reported by a number of climate studies that the last two decades were the hottest in 400 years. Global warming is a major threat to the planet. It is agreed that humans have caused most of the past century's warming by releasing greenhouse gasses, as we power our electronic lives. The “greenhouse effect” is performed when the gasses let out into Earth’s atmosphere trap heat from the sun. Through the burning of fossil fuels, humans are enhancing the greenhouse effect and increasing the…show more content…
Instead of dumping the waste in a landfill site and leaving it to rot, it can be used to produce biofuels. People have been using all kinds of waste to produce biofuels. Marginal lands unsuitable for crop production can also be used to grow woody biomass for biofuel production. By running on this renewable energy source, we can reduce our waste and decrease our dependence on fossil fuels. Another important advantage of biofuels is that there is zero carbon emission. The burning of biofuels will emit carbon into the atmosphere. However, the plants or crops will absorb the carbon as they grow. It seems like biofuels is a good solution after all. Also, from an economical point of view, biofuel-manufacturing plants can hire thousands of workers, creating job opportunities. Biofuel production will also increase the demand for certain biofuel crops, leading to further economic development for the agriculture industry. According to economist John Urbanchuk, it is estimated that “producing 10 billion gallons of biofuels a year from corn would add $46 billion to the economy and create over 200,000 new jobs”. However, the production of biofuels can heavily harm the environment by contributing to global warming. When farmers grow crops for biofuels, the land must come from somewhere. Sometimes, land conversion is done to produce cropland. For example, in Brazil, an Amazon Rainforest was converted into cropland to grow soy

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