Proserpin The Child Of Perres : The Daughter Of Ceres

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Have you ever experienced the feeling of hopelessness or anger for something that you could have avoided? A similar case occurred with Proserpina the daughter of Roman goddess Ceres. Ceres is the goddess of agriculture, fertility, and grain crops. Proserpina was taken away from her by the narcissistic King Pluto of the Underworld. Proserpina screeched and yelped for her mother, but not a single being could hear her voice. After being captured, Ceres was petrified and discovered that Jupiter god of thunder, lightning and her ex-husband had planned with Pluto to abduct her lovely daughter. She would soon make a decision that would affect all of humanity and the God of thunder, King of all Gods.
To begin with, Jupiter is worried Ceres will never grow agriculture for Earth and it will become desolate. Therefore, Jupiter promises to bring Proserpina to Mount Olympus with her mother. However, this would be a prolonged course of events. During this time, Proserpina feels enraged and melancholy after Pluto captured her. She now lives millions of miles away from her dear mother Ceres. Pluto asserts, “Together, we will enjoy this place and have all the luxuries of the world.” He accompanies her to a grand, immense table in the heart the baronial dining room. “I will not eat a single food in this castle until I see my mother with my own eyes”, Proserpina claims. King Pluto feels saddened for just a moment. Until he begins eating, and empties his entire plate. Many days pass

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