Prospective Parents Should Have A License

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Prospective parents should have a license. 2014, You found an excellent opportunity for what you believe will advance your career and you know it 's meant to be. Or is it? Have you gone through the proper protocols to ensure you have a fair chance at getting this opportunity? You can 't visit this establishment without a previously submitted resume which is basically your professional biography. You can 't prepare this document without the qualifications that could be filled in your cleverly used templates. Lastly, without meeting the expectations, the traits, or showing you have the ability to perform the duty to it 's best grade, you won 't be getting the opportunity which happens more often than not. Driving requires a license,…show more content…
I write this essay to prove to my readers that requiring a parenting license has more pros than cons. We already live in a world where abortion rates are high. Guttmacher Institute shares statistics of abortions stating that half of pregnancies in women are unintended and 4 out of 10 of those pregnancies are aborted (“Abortion in the United States”). Among those aborted pregnancies 58% of the women are in their 20 's, 69% are economically disadvantaged, and 56% are unmarried and not cohabiting (“Abortion in the United States”). Nearly 60% of unwanted pregnancies consist of teenagers, low income individuals, or those who are unmarried (Monea). Requiring a license for parenting would not only make a dramatic impact on the statistics of abortions, but it would substantially decrease unintended pregnancies. With this comes a whole new perspective on life. Reproducing life would no longer come with that awkward question, “ Were you two planning on having a kid or...?”. The whole point of getting this license would be to have a child so “accidents” would almost be abolished. Reproducing would have a greater meaning and more passion. I think many people would agree that passion in relationships is severely decreasing due to a “forced relationship” because of a unwanted pregnancy. As a mother, I was lucky enough to enjoy the “trying” part. I was able to have this anticipated build up of wondering when that little white stick
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