Prospects of Democracy in Nepal

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Introduction The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal is a landlocked sovereign state situated in South Asia. The country is bordered by the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of India. Kathmandu is capital of Nepal and also the largest metropolis of the country with a population of around five million. Total population of the country is around 27 million while two million of them are abroad for jobs and education. Official language of the country is Nepali while Nepal Bhasa, Maithili and hundred other different languages are recognized as regional and national languages of the multi-cultural society. Around 80 per cent of the population follows Hinduism, the biggest religion of the country while around 10 percent follow…show more content…
In January 2009, the CPN (M) was formally unified with the Communist Party of Nepal (Unity Center-Masal) and is now known as the Unified Community Party of Nepal (Maoist). After being postponed for two times (June 20, 2007 and November 22, 2007), an election for the Nepalese Constituent Assembly was held on April 10, 2008. The assembly is mandated with drafting of a new constitution as business of the government and all other affairs are being run on interim constitution so far. For the first time in history of Nepal, the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) won 220 seats from a house of 575 elected seats. The party became the largest party in the Constituent Assembly and after deliberation and dialogue with other political parties, Chairman of the party Prachanda took oath in August 2008 as the first-ever elected prime minister of the country. However, the party has failed to craft out new constitution of the country so far as other political parties in the house are not actively participating in discussion for new constitution of the country. The UCPN (M) enjoys absolute majority in the house and can draft a new constitution on its own but it is still pending which is worrisome for many in Nepal. Also, the newly established democratic system is working with multiple hitches as the budding democracies work in third world
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