Prosperity for the Spaniards in the New Wold was the Downfall for America

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It is hard to believe that even the Spaniards imagined that one journey in 1492 will change theirs and world’s history so dramatically. The moment that Spanish foot stepped on American soil started years of prosperity and glory for the Spanish empire but at the cost of the destruction of American societies. The encounter with the new world was controversial historical moment that created one united history instead of two world histories. The discovery led many Spaniards to the new world with the intention of settling the lands but eventually this was the start of devastating of cultures, human populations and traditions. Using power and coercion they spread fear and destruction in the aim of gaining wealth, social precedence and Christian …show more content…

He tells about “the most humble, patient, and peaceable” people he saw in his life. People that are so eager to know the more that if they will brought to know the one true god they would be the most fortune people in the world. His Descriptions of the indigenous was the absolute contrary to the “Barbarous, uncultivated and inhumane” descriptions of the indigenous by previous Spaniards. He also describes the horrors the Spaniards did in the new world. His main example is the island Hispaniola. He observes how the Spaniards started their first ravages and oppressions in the island. The Spaniards killed, tortured, and destroyed the native people with the most varied methods of cruelty. He tells how they dealt with the chieftains that rebelled – they hanged them when their feet almost touched the ground in groups of thirteen (as Jesus and his apostles) and set burning wood underneath them burning them alive. To date, these shocking acts reverberate around the world as example of the Spaniards. But obviously Casas’s stance was opposite to the Spaniards. The Spaniards saw themselves as rescuers of those “barbarian natives”. They saw themselves as the greatest nation that came to the new world to save those indigenous from their kings and devilish beliefs ant that their only goal was to spread the Catholic faith through the indigenous people. So why the spreading of the Pure Christianity included Massacres of man, woman and child? Why they replaced

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