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In the following article we review a natural dietary supplement, Prostarex. It is a multi-purpose drug that restores prostate health by strengthening bladder, improving the flow of urine and recuperating sexual drive and performance. Additionally, it maintains the size of prostate glands and prevents further problems.


All the ingredients found in Prostarex have been carefully selected after extensive research. Following are the ingredients used in this product:

Pygeum Bark: Consists of anti-inflammatory properties that decrease testosterone levels.
Zinc: Provides protection against prostate cancer.
Saw Palmetto: It positively affects prostate due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-androgenic and anti-proliferative characteristics.
Amino Acids: Effective in treating BPH.
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Vitamin Formula: Includes Vitamin B6, D & E. The combination of these vitamins improves prostate health and impedes the growth of cancer developing cells.
Quercetin: Known for its ability to reduce inflamed prostate due to its anti-inflammatroy and anti-tumor characteristics.
Beta Sitosterol: Treats BPH and boosts urinary health.
Muira Puama Root: Improves sexual functionnand effective in treating male erectile dysfunction.
Nettle Leaves: Diuretic in nature, it prevents BPH.
Lycopene: Acts as an anti-oxidant that boosts prostate health and may be useful in protecting against prostate cancer.
Green Tea: Loaded with polyphenols that prevent prostate cancer.
Selenium: An anti-oxidant that works as a shield to protect against the development of prostate cancer.
Epimedium: Male sexual dysfunction is treated through this herbal chinese medicine.

Prostarex is a dietary supplement that should be taken twice a day. For optimum results, its best to take one capsule in the morning and the other during afternoon hours. Exceeding the recommended dosage will not help and is not beneficial for health.

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