Prosthetic Log Personal Statement

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As a Process Improvement Consultant at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, I worked alongside service line members redesigning processes for operational functions. As an engineer, I was trained to be tactical and often omitted a critical element, the end user. That is until I picked up a prosthetic leg in the Orthotics and Prosthetics laboratory. I realized the prosthetic leg contained more than just aspects of technology. It was a life-saving tool that needed to be created and handled with care. I was challenged to improve the production and ensure a high caliber of outputs that ultimately improved patients’ quality of life. Because of my redesign of the production line, the laboratory increased device manufacturing productivity and pushed out more quality products to patients. …show more content…

I have grown to understand the value of seeing products and understanding end users before designing solutions. I have developed a deeper level of empathy for how users engage with healthcare technology and found ways to incorporate user feedback in the design phases of subsequent consulting engagements.
Healthcare is a constantly growing industry and has continued to peak my interest as I have identified ways to optimize and personalize care delivery. As an aspiring Healthcare Consultant, I seek to gain the business knowledge, industry expertise, and leadership skills required to address the health care challenges of our interdependent world. I aspire to attend a business school where I will learn, gain access to thought leaders, and be challenged to expand my growth mindset. I unequivocally believe the Kellogg School of Management is that school for

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