Prostitution : A Dangerous And Degrading Profession

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The topic of prostitution has been widely debated across history. While many see working as a prostitute as a viable career option and a right that all legal consenting adults should have, many other see it as a dangerous and degrading profession that creates both a sexualized and crime-breeding environment. The governments of Scotland, the United Kingdom, and the United States have all generally taken stances that address prostitution in strict manner. While the approaches by which the US, the UK, and Scotland do respond to prostitution are quite different, all three governments seem to share a similar desire---to maintain the safety of the general public. This concern for the safety of each country 's citizens can be seen through the…show more content…
Clients are the individuals who pay to have sex with the prostitutes. “Johns” are a common term for the male clients of the sex industry. Due to the fact that there are significantly more male clients than female clients, there has been very little research on female clients, and there is no specific slang term for them. A “brothel” is a house in which clients go to have sex with prostitutes (“Definition of Brothel”). At the beginning of the 20th century prostitution was legal throughout the United States, but in 1910 the United States Congress passed the Mann Act. The Mann Act banned all interstate transportation of women for the purpose of selling of sex. The goal of this act was to prevent human trafficking, but it obviously also impacted the legal sex industry as well (R.W.A.). Prostitution still existed throughout the United States after Mann Act was created, but in 1915 most states had voted to criminalize prostitution (Jenkins).
While there are federal laws pertaining to prostitution, the legalization and criminalization of prostitution is an issue that is voted upon by state governments. When prostitution affects international issues (such as the national or international transportation of people for the purpose of selling sex, or if prostitution is found on federal property, it is an issue that the federal government handles. State governments regulate laws on legalizing prostitution and choosing punishments for those involved in
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