Prostitution : America 's Untapped Sex Industry

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Prostitution: America’s Untapped Sex Industry Introduction Deep-seated opinions and radical views come and go, but one that prevails (with topics such as the legalization of marijuana) is the legalization of the profession that has been around for thousands of years—prostitution. The dispute over whether prostitution should be legalized has long troubled many American citizens as well as becoming an extremely controversial issue in America. Although many spiteful claims have been made about the act of prostitution, the truths are slowly beginning to resurface. Disregarding moral accounts, there are far more political and diplomatic facets that must be taken into account when making a national decision of this caliber. Prostitution can be used for professional purposes and can also be used as another form of tax revenue and the only people that are benefitting from this business are pimps who are making hefty profits, tax-free. I believe that prostitution should be legalized because it could help the economy and society as a whole; if the government regulated it, it would be a taxable business. Although deemed immoral, Legalizing prostitution comes with a major benefit, a positive economic impact to the country it was legalized in; this reason could help America thrive economically. Brief Synopsis Although currently measured as ‘exceedingly illegal’—even considered sex trafficking—long before America was harnessed into a country, many cultures and countries embraced
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