Prostitution And Its Effects On Women And Their Clients

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In the United States, prostitution is regarded as vile, crude, and an assortment of other words. Those in the profession are regarded as no better than sluts or whores because not only as they having sex, they’re taking money just for some man to use their bodies to release his sexual tension. As a result of this thinking, only a few counties in one state has legalized prostitution and another state had it for a time as a result of a complete accident in the wording of the law. The reasons for the prevention of legalized prostitution are plentiful and so are the benefits for legalizing the profession in regards for the women and their clients. We must legalize the world’s oldest profession to help our society overcome it’s hesitance about all things sexual and improve the standard of working for the prostitute. Before we delve into today’s problems, let’s go back a few thousand years to see the history of prostitution. Looking at the Greeks, most of the terms that relate to sexuality and/or sex (aphrodisiac, eroticism, and nymphomania, among others) have Greek roots or came from Greek words. Aphrodisiac, for example, partly comes from the word Aphrodisios, meaning pertaining to Aphrodite, who was the goddess of love and sexual intercourse in Greek mythos. Older men took adolescent boys as lovers (although it is unknown if any physical intercourse happened and how much) and there was female prostitution as some Greek women did wield power and wealth, paying state taxes on
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