Prostitution And Prostitution

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In the midst of World War II, the Japanese military wanted to create a realm of pleasure for the soldiers, as they were away from their home environments. As a result, the Japanese military set up a community of “comfort wagons” staffed by “comfort women”. Moreover, these women were used to ensure that the soldiers would refrain from engaging in homosexual activity. Many of the women involved in these amenities were from countries that the Japanese conquered. At this time, prostitution was used on a small scale to serve the personal needs of the soldiers. However, as time persisted; the business of prostitution did as well. The presence of the United States in Vietnam subsidized to the escalation of prostitution. Furthermore, in 1957 there were an estimated number of 20,000 sex workers in Thailand, by 1964 that number had heightened to 400,000 (Gay 34)”. This rapid boom of sex workers contributed to prostitution becoming a large-scale business in this region. One pressing question one may consider regarding prostitution would be, why do these women after all of these years continue in this line of work? Frankly, the opportunity for professional women in Southeast Asia is bounded. Especially for women that are young and uneducated, the sex industry deems to be most promising to build a solid financial foundation because of its vast growth. Many women see the sex industry as substantial if they are in poverty, facing family obligations and unemployment. Poverty is a main
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