Prostitution And The World's Oldest Profession

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When looking into Prostitution women are usually thought to be the lowest form a part of the human species, people make assumptions as to why a women would even bother with the idea of subjecting herself to harsh treatment by others, people often correlate the idea of prostitution with human trafficking. That each of these categories are of association, prostitution is “the practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment.” While human trafficking is “the illegal movement of people, typically for the purposes of forced labor or commercial sexual exploitation.” Each of these subjects demonstrates different meanings but express the same sense of ideas, which will be looked into too. “Prostitution is said to be…show more content…
One reason for this is that human children require care for a long time. So, a female with child must be able to trade sex for protection and food since she cannot hunt effectively with a child. Historically speaking, prostitution is as old as civilization. Prostitution in 1949, the United Nations had adopted a resolution in favor of the decriminalization of prostitution, which has been sanctioned by fifty countries, meaning that it was approved, in that time era the average age of someone entering prostitution was an average of fourteen years old- that was during the approval of it- regardless of that there was till the fear of predators, due to that at least seventy-five percent of prostitutes worldwide were sexually and physically abused children who felt the need to turn into that lifestyle. The majority of the younger prostitutes began to acquire drug or alcohol addiction due to the abuse. According to readings in H.G. Cocks and M. Houlbrook, author the personal dangers of sexual advertising also known as prostitution in Britain during the early twentieth century; As stated “Prostitution is rooted in highly gendered and moral beliefs about female and male sexuality, women’s labour and the status of women within society, and throughout history people have been seeking explanations for its existence and, most of all, for why women sell sex.” (Laite, 2004)
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