Prostitution As A Alternative Occupation Choice

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The adage "the world 's oldest profession" (Kennedy, Klein, Bristowe, Cooper, & Yuille, 2007), describes prostitution as a alternative occupation choice. However, with reverence towards street prostitution, becoming an prostitute may not be a controlled, intentional occupational choice of that individual. To a certain extent, it may possibly be a last alternative choice. Although there is a increasing amount of research exploring life for prostituted women on the streets, there is no research thus far describing the recruitment process. However, there is information available that describes the paths towards street prostitution. “Both pimp recruitment techniques and” economical influences that may have an impact on a woman psychological wellbeing in believing that there are no or few alternatives other than working as a street prostitute. Furthermore, research has discovered that a street prostitute may be connected with a pimp while working as an prostitute. (Kennedy et al., 2007)
Black 's (1990) law dictionary describes a pimp as somebody who acquires clients’ for a prostitute. In reality, most pimps tend to use either “manipulation, threats, or violence” (Kennedy et al., 2007), to maintain control over the prostitute. Thereby, keeping “the women they recruit” (Kennedy et al., 2007), from leaving the occupation which is maintaining their lifestyle. Kennedy et al., (2007), investigations have also identified that pimps are over and over again culprits of violence against…
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