Prostitution As A Alternative Occupation Choice

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The adage "the world 's oldest profession" (Kennedy, Klein, Bristowe, Cooper, & Yuille, 2007), describes prostitution as a alternative occupation choice. However, with reverence towards street prostitution, becoming an prostitute may not be a controlled, intentional occupational choice of that individual. To a certain extent, it may possibly be a last alternative choice. Although there is a increasing amount of research exploring life for prostituted women on the streets, there is no research thus far describing the recruitment process. However, there is information available that describes the paths towards street prostitution. “Both pimp recruitment techniques and” economical influences that may have an impact on a woman psychological…show more content…
Furthermore, Kennedy et al., (2007), stated that many pimps may have an psychopathic mental illness associated with known psychological ideations in relations to various levels of violence.
Another technique a pimp will use, to gain control of an underage girl to start a life of prostitution, is by acting as if they love them. That is, a pimp capitalizes on the “vulnerabilities, stereotypes, and insecurities” (Kennedy et al., 2007), of an under aged teenager, who may be a run away teenager and is living on the streets. Furthermore, he has capability to distort that girl 's common sense of moral beliefs with astounding speed. During this process, a pimp will entice her with kindness and gifts. Thereafter, the he makes certain that the she is fully aware of the expenses he spent on her. Once the teenager becomes deeply and totally in love with the him, he tells her that they are out of money and that they need more money to maintain their new lifestyle. Being fully aware of the amount of money that was spent on her, the girl acquires a sense of guilt for their circumstances, thus she becomes willing to help in any way she can. As a result thereof, the girl begins to prostitute herself to earn the much needed money for their home. (Kennedy et al., 2007)
However, there may be situations where both foreign and domestic women and children, of all ethnic, social/economic status, and ages, have been deceitfully recruited or abducted by an criminal organization to work
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