Prostitution As A Deviant And Illegal Practice

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Jiaxin Nie
Jon Meeder
ESL 408
13 April 2015
Legalized prostitution
Prostitution was regarded as a deviant and illegal practice for years, women and men both involved in prostitution almost in every country. Prostitution is always considered as illegal. Not only the society recognize that prostitution is a shame but also the religion asserts that it has a bad name. But nowadays, prostitution can be considered in another way. People and researchers started to think about the human rights, the protection and liberalism these years. Once prostitution was regarded in a different way, the perspective in a long run has been slightly changed.
Actually, in 1984, Australian already made a revolution in this big topic. The Australian State
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“I believe that sex is one of the most beautiful, natural, wholesome things that money can buy”( Steve Martin). As the quote says, why not try to accept legalizing prostitution and regard it as a normal job? Legalized prostitution is necessary in the 21 century.
For the equality for the human beings, for the respect for individual rights, for the fairness of the society, people have the rights and freedom to use their own body if they are not hurting others.
The prostitution inequality argument is challenged by those who argue that prostitution is primarily a matter of sex and of sexual liberation and of freedom (Scambler and Scambler). As the human being, people should have the rights to decide how to use own body. We commonly refer to basic liberties such as freedom of political speech and religious liberty as rights. In doing so, we convey the belief that these liberties have a special moral importance or a special status in our constitutional law. Obviously, sexual freedom is now regarded by many as a basic liberty. Buying and sell seal services included in sexual freedom to some extent. Since the organ can be donated to other people, the blood can be transported in different people’s body, the skin can be used to do plastic survey for beauty. The law can’t violate the rights in the basic liberty sense
Nie 3 that People have the rights to use all parts of the body. The basic principles of the alliance are that
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